Specializing in NDIS services, our staff are equipped to provide the reasonable and necessary services to achieve all your NDIS goals. We have a wide array of services to cover your lifestyle needs. Life your life Holistically. Contact us today for a free quote.

Bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and living room are washed and wiped with the help of basic cleaning products, like detergent, water, disinfectant and toilet cleaners. Furniture is wiped and dusted and floors are vacuumed.

Let Holistic Households be your helping hand for a thorough deep cleaning. We have several years of experience helping tenants to clean the entire property from inside to the outside before leaving it professionally cleaned.

Steam cleaning is designed to effectively remove accumulated dirt, fungi and allergens trapped in your carpets & upholstery. Our steam cleaning service leaves your carpets & soft furnishings beautifully soft to touch!

Our team checks for pest infestations in the roof, under the house as well as in the walls. So, no matter where the pests are hiding, we will execute a pest treatment solution to eradicate them from your property. You can ensure you book with confidence for this service.

We have a specialised removalists team that will provide you with a step-by-step consultation on your move and will help you relocate fast and safe. Every single vehicle we have includes all the necessary tools, ropes, trolleys and more, to make sure your move is smooth and secure.

We can help with your garden maintenance requests whether it is small or big! We offer a variety of garden and maintenance tasks such as restoration, weeding, trimming, pruning, watering, fertilising, cutting, lawn mowing and so much more. Get in contact with us today.

We can tackle any task, whether it be fixing a faulty toilet, interior decorating, putting up signage, assembling furniture or hanging whiteboards, we will ensure everything is done professionally and needs are taken care of. Speak to us today about the range of Handyman services we can help with.

Holistic Households understands that not everyone has the time in their busy schedule to cook everyday. We are able to help you with this and cater to your likes and dietary requirements. Talk to our Holistic Households team today about how we can help you!

We can help you with clearing your property rubbish removal by providing you with skip bin services to your door. At Holistic Households, we can ensure that you dispose your rubbish at an affordable prices! Contact us today, we provide the best skip bin service in Sydney, NSW.




"Very professional and friendly. I don't ever think of any other company anymore. Holistic Households is the company for me!"
Bilal Jan
"Very responsive team, professional and understanding of specific needs. Excellent follow up and feedback process to ensure we were satisfied. Highly recommend"
Saifkhan Pathan